NUVO Magazine, Vol. 11, No. 2

Art direction, design and creative direction of photo shoots for NUVO Magazine, a quarterly Canadian lifestyle publication dedicated to delivering editorial content that is stimulating, evocative, entertaining and informative. The magazine targets affluent, educated men and women with a wide range of topics on travel, business, architecture, design as well as celebrity profiles and fashion editorials. As an Art Director for NUVO, Sandra has redefined publication’s visual style and established design principles that are consistent with the character of the magazine.
A startling portrait of actress Neve Campbell, wearing a long, black dress in a dynamic pose with a powerful intensity behind a silver mask, graces NUVO’s Summer 2008 cover. The black color used for the Masthead and the cover lines set against the almost white background enhance the dramatic feel of the image. Neve was photographed by LA based, Brian Bowen Smith, under Sandra’s creative direction. The intensity of the cover photo is replaced by serene look in a stunning, black-and-white photo that dominates the opening spread of the article, both images reflective of Neve’s confidence and inner strength. A monochromatic photo of her in a graceful, dancers pose, wearing a simple t-shirt, white ballet slippers and a vintage tutu skirt, capture Neve’s passion for dancing. The layout for the article is simple allowing large photos to serve as the primary focus.
In a closely cropped portrait, Toronto based photographer, Mark Zibert captured an icon of American modern art scene, Frank Stella. The candid, black-and-white photo of the artist is bold, strong and frank, and the treatment of captions in white colour on the black background support it. For the men’s fashion story “Rugged edge”, Sandra collaborated with a Vancouver based photographer, Jeff Petry. Combining grainy, black-and-white and color photos in a dynamic layout offers a realistic yet gritty, unfinished feel that complements the story. LA based, Sheryl Nields, photographed model Mackenzie Hamilton as a “Seductress”, showcasing the clothing in action. The set built for this fashion shoot offers a backdrop of neutral colours and varying textures against which the delicate fabrics of the clothing come to life.