NUVO Magazine, Vol. 10, No. 3

Art direction, design and creative direction of photo shoots for NUVO Magazine, a quarterly Canadian lifestyle publication dedicated to delivering editorial content that is stimulating, evocative, entertaining and informative. The magazine targets affluent, educated men and women with a wide range of topics on travel, business, architecture, design as well as celebrity profiles and fashion editorials. As an Art Director for NUVO, Sandra has redefined publication’s visual style and established design principles that are consistent with the character of the magazine.
A black-and-white photo of actor Viggo Mortensen makes an unimposing, alluring cover, for NUVO’s Fall 2007 issue. In the opening spread of the article about Viggo, a v shaped design element in green color references the actor’s initial and serves to separate the text from the image. Conceptually based photo of instruments and sporadic food items arranged in an intriguing composition, taken by Clinton Hussey, illustrates an article about new approach to cooking based on the cutting-edge innovations in the field of molecular gastronomy. A simple layout design for the article allows the image to serve as the primary focus.
An article profiling Maroon 5 opens with a candid shot of band members in a futuristic-like space of the Royal Ontario Museum. The layout design illustrates the creative use of white space that cuts into the photo in a diagonal line echoing the zigzag pattern in the photo. Bold headline and the deck below are placed at an angle to further mimic the environment in which the band is photographed.